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Glendale, CA 91206

This agreement is made by and between the Client and Drivers Legal Defense.

  1. Client hereby authorizes Attorney from Drivers Legal Defense.  to represent them in the above referenced matter. 
  2. Client authorizes non-licensed staff to perform specific services such as contacting the DMV, Courts and Entities that need information to help his/her case. 
  3. Non-Attorney’s will assist Attorney Client understands that the handling Attorney will be assisted in many aspects of the Client’s case by Paralegals, Legal Assistants and Law Clerks, which are not Attorney’s but work under the direction and control of the Attorney. Client’s file will at times be handled by said Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and Law Clerks. Client understands that Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and Law Clerks are not authorized by the firm to act as an Attorney or to hold themselves out as legal authority. Further, each Paralegal, Legal Assistants and Law Clerk assigned to Client’s file will not engage in unauthorized Practice of Law and all work prepared under the supervision of Attorney or Attorneys who have direct knowledge of Client’s case. 
  4. Client empowers Attorney to provide the Client the aforesaid services for and on behalf of Client, in his/her name and to all steps which Attorney may deem necessary or appropriate with respect to said services. Attorney does not guarantee and accept any responsibility in terms of ability and final decision in the outcome of any case in any shape or form. 
  5. Client authorizes, grants Attorney a special “Power of Attorney” to retain an appearance Attorney on behalf of Client. In the event that the Court appearance of an Attorney is necessary which the Attorney selects on Client’s behalf. Attorney is not responsible for any aspect of the services. Attorney’s responsibility is solely limited to the Court appearances, which Client authorized “977 Authority” for the Attorney to act in the best interest of the Client. 
  6. Attorney does not guarantee/accept any responsibility for decisions rendered by the Judge/Court on any of the Client’s matters. 
  7. Client understands not all staff are Attorney’s and Client’s matter(s) will be handled in Court by assigned licensed Attorneys.
  8. Client also understands that his/her cooperation/appearance in Court may be necessary to obtain the best result. 
  9. Client agrees to pay the Attorney a retainer fee of
  10. Above retainer does not include Trial/Jury Trial or additional costs including but not limited to preparing Motions or Legal Research in furtherance of the case. In the event that the case requires Trial/Jury Trial, the retainer will be $275 per Hour, per Case/Trial in which all payments must be paid in full at the time this agreement is to be signed, unless otherwise arranged or Client will be billed additionally at $275.00 per Hour whether or not Trial starts. 
  12. The above retainer will cover up to entering a plea. 
  13. Appeal is not offered by this firm. 
  14. Client understands that the accurate information must be provided and Client must follow the Courts and Attorney’s written or verbal instructions. Attorney is not responsible when acting upon inaccurate information or otherwise or where results are caused by circumstances beyond the control of Attorney. 
  15. No refund will be made based upon the result of the Courts decision and based upon Client’s cancellation of contracts. 
  16. Bail amount should be posted by Client to either reserve date for Trial or Traffic School. Any decision or extra bail amount or fee requested by the Court is not Attorney/Attorney’s responsibility.
  17. Attorney and the Client understand and agree that if the Client terminates this agreement no refund will be made after a file has been opened by Attorney furthering the purpose of this agreement and the Client understands and with accurate information and upon Client’s following Attorney’s instructions needed on cases where the Client fails to follow such instructions, supplies inaccurate information whether knowingly, negligently or otherwise, or whether results are caused by circumstances beyond the control of Attorney or appearing Attorney. 
  18. Client understands that Legal Services provided by Attorney are only up to preliminary hearing. If the case proceeds to Trial a new Attorney fee must be negotiated. 
  19. Client acknowledges that Attorney does not carry malpractice insurance (Error and Omission Insurance).